Fitness by Alannah  |

A healthy transformation is a necessary step to growing stronger.

Our founder, Alannah Pecha, is an ASU graduate with a degree in Exercise and Wellness. She understands that reaching and maintaining fitness goals challenge most individuals who want to improve their health.  Since every person’s journey toward a healthier lifestyle is unique, an exercise program should be specific to that individual’s needs.

We are inspired to teach individuals how to develop a healthier lifestyle, including strong bodies, improved self-confidence, wholesome nutrition, less stress, and increased energy. We want to teach YOU how to become a healthier version of yourself through the Fitness by Alannah Mobile Training App.

The Fitness by Alannah Mobile Training App is designed to help you conquer health challenges, whether big or small, and to build the body and life you want.  We develop personalized exercise programs based on your goals, interests, abilities, and body type. Your exercise program will then be put into action through personal training sessions, scheduled at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home!

Best of Health, 

xo Alannah Pecha