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 Why Should You Join The Challenge?

Do it for the CONFIDENCE.

Flawless & Fearless 5 Week Body Weight Challenge is designed for you to

build strength, develop a positive mindset,


You are FEARLESS when you are FLAWLESS.

- Alannah Pecha 

  • Optimize Calorie Burning
  • Exercise Demonstration Videos.
  • In-app Direct Messaging
  • Empowering You.​

 Unstoppable Program Development Strategy

  Step-By-Step Information On:

  • Diverse Exercises Used To Increase Muscle Mass & Blast Calories
  • Developing A Positive Mindset​
  • 30 minutes, just 3 times a week is all it takes
  • Key body weight exercises to optimize calorie burning
  • You don’t need to join a gym to get the best body you have ever had

 5 Week Step by Step Flawless & Fearless Fitness Program
 Each week, you will be assigned 3 body weight workouts and an empowering reflection. Your strength will build as each workout is completed. Along the way, you will learn  tricks-of-the-trade on staying positive, positively deal with setbacks, and acquire confidence.

Add 5 Guided Stretches 


Sign up NOW & GET the Soothe, STRETCH, & Strengthen Series 

We Are Unstoppable : Be FLAWLESS & FEARLESS

5 Guided Stretches Include:

  • Soothe Tight Muscles
  • Decrease Neck & Shoulder Tightness
  • Decrease Low Back Pain
  • Energize Your Morning
  • Achieve Better Sleep 

​​​What is the Flawless & Fearless Fitness Challenge?

  • 5 Week Fitness & Lifestyle Challenge
  • One-on-One Health & Fitness Coaching
  • 30 Minute Calorie Blasting Workouts
  • A Private Facebook Group For Motivating & Inspiring Community
  • Fitness App Challenge

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 ​​​​Flawless & Fearless Fitness Challenge 

5 Weeks of Body Weight Workouts

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