One-on-One Personal Training

  • Work directly with a knowledgeable and experienced trainer.
  • Complete customized workouts is designed around your schedule, daily habits, and personal goals. 
    • Weight Loss & Muscle Toning  ​

Develop a healthy lifestyle

  • Learn how to teach your kids how to be healthy

"If you want to see what your real potential is, train with Alannah. WOW! Who knew how effective a workout could be with an awesome, personalized plan. You won't believe what your body can do in a short time and how much it will impact your overall health. I was blown away. Alannah helps you get in shape with smart workouts, great diet guidelines and humor throughout the workout. I use to hate workouts and now I really look forward to them!" - Luciana Shaffer

Fitness by Alannah Mobile Training App

Fitness Program Design 

  • Work directly with a knowledgeable & experienced online personal trainer.
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle.
  • Easily track your progress through your personal health profile.
  • Access your personal profile and workouts in seconds.
  • Receive instant love & support with in app messaging
  • ​Weekly Achievements Calls 

​​Workouts At Your Fingertips

  • Complete workouts anytime, anywhere
  • Track & record your progress directly from your phone. 

In App Messaging & Weekly Achievement Calls 

  • Review weekly achievements
  • Set goals for the upcoming week
  • Learn how to overcome unforeseen set backs

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​​​​​Create & Maintain A Positive Healthy Lifestyle 

She Believed She Could So She Did

"Alannah is the perfect trainer for any type of fitness level. Her workouts are easy to access through an app and she shows you exactly what to in her videos, at different angles. The creation of her Facebook group also motivated me to complete weekly goals, with her constant updates and encouragement. She caters to your needs, wants, and lifestyle. If you are looking for a flexible way to get fit and healthy, Alannah is your go to personal trainer!" - Alexis Kubander 

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